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News: Galaxy War ID - We have rebuild this project

Galaxy War ID has been released since 2014. We have rebuild this project, now you can play Galaxy War ID with this simple launcher.
Universe open: Bima Sakti
Release date & event: Coming Soon!

-Java runtime
-HDD: 5mb - 10mb
-Ram: 512mb
-Internet connection

Update: Galaxy War ID - Global & Server rank system.

Galaxy War ID is a space strategy game. Build your own planet, fleet, defensive, and more. Try to be the best planet on Galaxy.

~ Cyberus Studio
Cyberus Studio
Cyberus Studio is an indie game developer based in Bali, Indonesia. Cyberus Studio was established on July 1, 2015. We love to make a Casual, Education, RPG Semi-open world, and Horror game.