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News - Lockdown Game Released!

Hello everyone, long time no updates, how are you? We just released a new game, we hope you enjoy and like it.

Short story:
"You are a volunteer who wants to participate in helping other people when a dangerous plague strikes your city. You don't have much choice, all you want to do is survive and help the others."

Lockdown, is a Semi Open World RPG game. Your goal is to help other Volunteer to collect items that are needed right now, Food, Masks, and Hand Sanitizers. Many people are stockpiling this item, and make it difficult to find. Your job is to find The Hoarders of these items, collect and give them to other volunteers who are at some safe point in your city. But, you also have to be careful, the spread of this virus is very wide, you can be infected if you too long stay outside safe area.

This game was made in just 48 hours for Stay Safe! Jam Event. Updates, patches and more will be coming soon. Please give us your feedback.


Cyberus Studio
Cyberus Studio is an indie game developer based in Bali, Indonesia. Cyberus Studio was established on July 1, 2015. We love to make a Casual, Education, RPG Semi-open world, and Horror game.